Hobby Electronics

We consistently stock a small assortment of CB and police scanner devices, cables, antennas, and accessories. Come in or call to check in on our stock. ┬áLess common┬ápieces can be ordered from east coast warehouses and aren’t far away.

Soldering guns and tools are on the wall with hook-up wire, breadboard, barrier strips, heat-sink paste, and test clips. Flux and desoldering braid and pumps are normally in stock. Stocked wire comes from 10 to 24 gauge, solid or stranded in most sizes, and in an assortment of colored sleeves in short and long lengths.

There are even more small parts! Not limited to: fuses and their holders, battery holders, resistors, diodes, LEDs, switches, potentiometers, wire connectors, and the tools to put it all together.

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