Check out our digital parts drawer for our variety of products! We are an authorized dealer of Radioshack products, and we have access to many other suppliers including Interstate Batteries. Click each of the tabs for details on our selection.

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Home Electronics

The television has gone beyond just being the centerpiece of the living room these days. With paper thin screens from under two feet to as large the wall, we call to order the specific one you need for the next day and we are extremely competitive about price. All the cables, maintenance products, and accessories are in stock.

Although many have, we haven’t abandoned the home and office landline telephones. Corded, cordless, multi-sets, and multi-line phones are available as well as any tools and accessories needed to make quick changes or repairs.

Door chimes, alarms, and simple camera systems for basic home security are currently in the store. More specific systems can be made to order by request.

Other in-house electronics like power strips, radios, and alarm clocks are, of course, right in store .

Hobby Electronics

We consistently stock a small assortment of radios, cables, antennas, and accessories. Come in or call to check in on our stock. Less common pieces can be ordered from east coast warehouses and aren’t far away.

Soldering guns and tools are on the wall with hook-up wire, breadboard, barrier strips, heat-sink paste, and test clips. Flux and desoldering braid and pumps are normally in stock. Stocked wire comes from 10 to 24 gauge, solid or stranded in most sizes, and in an assortment of colored sleeves in short and long lengths.

There are even more small parts! Not limited to: fuses and their holders, battery holders, resistors, diodes, LEDs, switches, potentiometers, wire connectors, and the tools to put it all together.


The overall goal for our sound inventory is decent quality. From

wires and adapters to headphones to PA systems, we aim to have nothing on the shelf which is junk.

Headphones come in a variety of styles, of which we have many. Earbuds, over-the-head, behind-the-neck, wireless (Bluetooth, hardline, or both), studio, and casual listening sets can all be found in our wares.

Instrument cables and a adapters, including XLR type on microphones, are available. We try to have as many different conversion styles to fit your needs, and our ability to do so is currently growing rapidly.

PA systems, microphones, and even karaoke machines are also in store or are a few days away. If you’re looking for something specific, don’t be afraid to ask!

Cell Phones

At this time we offer a variety of prepaid phones and services across all of the locally available networks. With phone plans starting as low as $30 a year and unlimited plans as cheap as $40 a month, the entire spectrum — including international calling options, is available.  Come in and see our selection of devices and SIM cards to figure out what option bests suits you.

Computers and Tablets

Inexpensive laptops, desktops, all-in-ones, and tablets are often

stocked in store. A larger variety is only a day away when ordered.. Any computer, even refurbished models, sold out of the store is covered from any defect, hardware labor charges, or software maintenance (including virus issues) for 90 days from the day the machine is purchased free of charge.

The largest section within the store is dedicated to computer and

networking accessories. PC parts, USB devices, cables for just about everything, adapters, CD/DVD/Blu-Ray discs, routers, modems, monitors, headsets, mouses, keyboards, KVM devices, controllers, replacement power cords, HDD enclosures, external memory, and even more can be found in stock or can be ordered next day.


We primarily sell DJI models of drones.

We also stock smaller toy model drones around the holiday season.  Some models are available to be ordered all year round.


Our store has an entire section dedicated to batteries. Unfortunately, it would take a whole lot more space to have every battery in the world. However, we do have watch(or button) batteries which also fit in car key remotes, rechargeable telephone batteries, standard every day batteries (AA, AAA, AAAA, C, D, 9V), and more obscure ones (CR2, CR123, N, A23, A27, hearing aid batteries), as well as rechargeable AA, AAA, C, D, and 9V all in stock.

Cell phone and laptop batteries can be ordered and are typically less than a week away. Every device takes a different battery, but we usually only need the model number of the device or battery to make an order.