We wouldn’t be a store without products, but we wouldn’t be your local stop without our variety of services. Each tab below can tell you a little bit more about what is available in our store besides the things on the shelves.

  • PC Repair
  • FED EX
  • Fax/Print
  • Other Repair
  • Prepaid Minutes
PC Repair

Our computer repair business is one of the most inexpensive in-store repair business in the business. Most jobs are completed within two business days from when they are able to be looked at.

Quick Diagnosis: FREE

Bench Fee: $20 (regardless of time)

Virus Cleanup: $60

Reformat: $80

Data Recovery: $40+

Hardware Replacement: Cost of Parts + $30/hr for labor


We are now doing Fed Ex authorized shipments and prepaid drop-offs. We charge $1 for each prepaid box dropped off. Pick ups occur Monday-Friday for both Fed Ex Ground and Fed Ex Express. We are equipped to do packaging and print labels for many different kinds of packages. Check fedex.com for more details.

Typically, Ground shows up sometime after 2 P.M.

Express is expected to show a between 3 and 4 P.M.


Faxing is available to anywhere within the United States for $2 for the first page and an extra dollar for every page after that per destination. A confirmation page with an image of the first page and the time the document was sent is provided. No personal information on the documents is collected by the store. Be sure to double check the number you’re sending documents to protect your privacy.

Physical or digital copies of scanned documents or printed

from an email or disc are available in black and white at 75

cents or in color at $1 per page.

Other Repair

Between Chris and his team, a little information on just about every general field in electronics is available to you. Most anything that can’t be answered up front can be found out. Sharing information is not a charged service. Feel free to visit and pick our brains.

Basic issues with electronics devices can be analyzed. 

If there’s nothing we can do, we won’t bill you for asking. 

We charge $10 for simple fixes, and trickier fixes cost the

price of whatever parts are used and $30 per hour of labor.

For especially obscure fixes, labor can be outsourced.

Our prices there are still very competitive.

It’s simple. If you don’t know: ask.

Prepaid Minutes

We sell cellphones and we provide the service of applying prepaid minutes to them. Whether you bought the phone here or not, we should have access to the provider whose minutes you need.